Urban water is the carrier of the construction of a beautiful China and the cornerstone of people's happiness and satisfaction. 

The State Key Laboratory of urban water resources and environment was established in 2007. Facing the major national requirements and international technological frontiers, the laboratory has carried out theoretical innovation and technical practice, tackled the bottleneck problems, and led and driven China to achieve the sustainable development of urban water. 

The laboratory has established the highest-level research team in the field of urban water in China. After 15 years of development, it has 112 permanent members, 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, 46 members are awarded with various academic titles. Two independent buildings of 15000 m2 and 25000 m2 have been built in Harbin and Shenzhen campuses respectively, with instrument and equipment assets of more than 200million yuan.

The laboratory has built a green, low-carbon and smart urban water theoretical system. A complete urban water system framework with green, low-carbon and high toughness has been built. The whole process water quality assurance system from the source to the leader has been established. The construction strategy of blue green gray sponge city has been established. An integrated water intelligent management and control system of source plant network River has been created. 

The laboratory has developed a systematic and efficient urban water technology guarantee system. A sewage biological hydrogen production technology system has been created to break through the bottleneck problem of sewage energy recovery. A technical system for strengthening the removal of micro pollutants in drinking water was built to solve the problem of comprehensively improving the quality of drinking water. The technical system of the whole chain comprehensive treatment of low temperature in cold regions has been established to solve the problem of water environment treatment in cold regions.

The laboratory is a pioneer and leader in the field of cold region environment and urban water. It is the only team in China that has achieved outstanding outcomes in the field of cold region and urban water, which is irreplaceable. 

In the future, it will continue to serve the national major strategy of carbon neutral / carbon peak, and strive to build a world-class original center of water science and technology and an industrial alliance center to lead the industry.